Dedicated to the memory of Harry Outrim

This site is a tribute to Harry Outrim, who was born in Leatherhead on June 09, 1934. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Harry was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in March 2008, a year or so after diagnosis Harry then developed dementia.

Parkinson's is a disease that has no cure and will get worse over time, Harry suffered with mobility and memory problems. No two people that have the condition are the same and that's why having the support of Parkinson's nurses and people that really understand the disease was so crucial throughout Harry's illness.

Dementia is a terrible condition which caused Harry to become forgetful and have slow thought processes which in turn made communicating hard. It also causes changes in sufferers sleeping patterns and eventually means people will loose interest in things they love.

Now Harry has passed, I know he would encourage donations in his memory to try and help people and their families who have Dementia and Parkinson's.

Harry Outrim Funeral

The funeral service will take place on Monday 15th May at 12.15pm at:

Kent and Sussex Crematorium

Benhall Mill Road, Tunbridge Wells TN2 5JJ


Please join us after the service at:

The Beacon

Tea Garden Lane

Tunbridge Wells


Kent and Sussex Crematorium Benhall Mill Road Tunbridge Wells Kent TN2 5JJ

As Harry had Parkinson's and Dementia, we know it would have been his wish that after his passing, should his friends and family wish to make a donation in his memory that they have the option of supporting either


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Much of that which I would have said has already, very ably, been said by Paul. Going back 40 years Harry and Kerry became our next door neighbours. By the end of that year we we each had a family Christmas, and the next day, a joint effort. We decided to produce a special drink. Using a brewers plastic bucket, we put in all of our drinks cabinets contents - Dynamite. Harry's father had watched us and could not believe what he was seeing. In principle this was the norm for many years, though somewhat sensibly modified. On one of our many holidays Kerry kept running to the bathroom. Said I, if I did not know better I would say she was pregnant. On our return home she went the the Doctor. Two days later I arrived at their house and Harry looked up at me and said "It won't change my life!" What can I say? There is so much I could write, but I will just say, Thank you Harry!
Sent by Michael on 14/05/2017
We spent many summer holidays with Harry and Kerry and later with Harry, Kerry & Andrea.... I have so many memories of those trips and especially of Harry; many of those memories go back 40 years and are just snippets of information; maybe a comment here, a smile there or some action related to Harry.... as a small boy I was fascinated by Harry's fear of flying which meant that he and my father would drive down to France, Spain or Portugal and the rest of us would fly and meet them... when I was a bit older I was allowed to travel with the men so spent many happy hours thundering through the French and Spanish countryside with Harry and my dad; one driving and the other map reading... they were chalk and cheese in many ways but came together so well on these trips.. My over arching memories and thoughts about Harry are of a big generous but sometimes shy person but always there to look after you; to me he was just Harry of Harry & Kerry and his memory will always make me smile. Paul xx
Sent by Paul on 14/05/2017
I had the pleasure of caring for harry for just over a year and what a real honour that was. Harry was one of the most genuine people I have ever meet. I was always very jealous of his sweet collection not that it lasted that long after Kerri and Andrea had brought them. My best memories of harry where on the weekends when we would sit together for hours watching and talking about football. Harry's love for aldershot has well and truely rubbed off on me. My favourite memory of harry was one Monday morning after my weekend off. I went in to see him and I got greated with the saying "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Crumpet hunting". Where later I learnt this meant off chasing woman. I often laugh about this. But yet the best saying I ever leant from Harry was. " champagne ideas beer money" that I will forever remember You will be very much miss Harry! R.I.P ❤️
Sent by George on 02/05/2017

As Harry had Parkinson's and Dementia, we know it would have been his wish that after his passing, should his friends and family wish to make a donation in his memory that they have the option of supporting either

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